Freedom Unity Pendant

Unity is about bringing us together even in our differences. We can all do this. And we need this now.

As we join the circle of Unity, there is no beginning, no end, no one more or less important, and no limit to what we can achieve together as one.  

Our joining creates strength within ourselves.  We share with our neighbor, we encourage our land of free enterprise, and we build a place of kindness and pride in our diverse and shared harmony.  

You see, we are more blessed than we stop to realize.  

I chose to work with the colors of the American flag in this signature Unity pendant:

Red rubies signify hardiness and valour, as we continue to stand selflessly for the liberty of all.

Blue sapphires invoke perseverance and justice–the hallmarks of never giving up and seeking a higher cause.

White diamonds represent innocence and purity: the synergy of our faith together to progress beyond division into peace.

“I’ve dedicated the special pieces in my Unity Collection to all women who dream; all who lend their strength to others; all who work each day to make our world a more caring, fair, hopeful and supportive place. If we support one another, the force behind our dreams becomes the power to make big things happen.”

“My story begins with Unity within the self. When we are unified within ourselves, we are then able to build Unity with each other. This leads to the true power of Purpose in every person.”

“Together we have a driving force, 
so important to making change.

- Denise Cox

Artist and Fine Jewelry Designer