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Exclusive Designs

Exclusive Designs

Are you a one-of-a-kind person?  Someone who appreciates the distinctive experience, the rare discovery, the priceless work of art? 

Or do you love to give the most exquisite, most unexpected gift to someone special?

Not all of us are artists and fine jewelry designers. So how does one create the perfect statement piece–that ineffable yet unmistakable expression of self?  Or how do you channel your passion, your love, your vision into the perfect fine jewelry piece for the gift of a lifetime?

Welcome to my world of DC Cox Exclusives.  

I create for you from your own vision, what you cannot.  Who you are is unique in all the world and so what expresses you–whether for a statement piece or as a gift–is also unique.  Through my DC Cox Exclusives Questionnaire and a series of private design sessions, I walk you easily through the steps of bringing your unique vision into reality.

It is easier than you think.  And the result is a piece so different from anything you see around you, that you cannot help but feel the precious beauty of what has come out of your creativity and my talent.

Each design is discussed and developed through love and attention to detail.  I take into account color, scale, metals and meaning of stones which results in a uniquely personal design that speaks to the purpose or occasion.  

Why not tell your story, express your heart, or define your passion through your own design?  

Design Process


1. Fill out the DC Cox Exclusives Questionnaire .  Now we’ve started walking you through becoming more clear about what you want before we meet. 

2. Schedule our First Design Meeting .  When we meet, I am already acquainted with you (and the person you are designing for, if that is your wish).  I am able to get inside of what makes you tick in ways that direct our creative decisions and ensure that you will love the piece emerging from our process.

3. I deliver an order for the piece with an estimate for your approval, based on the questionnaire and our first design meeting.  During this step, we make any adjustments to the order and estimate as needed.  I will also provide you with a projected timeline (which can change according to changes you make to our original design, or delays in your responses during the process).

4. You submit the final order approval to me with 50% deposit for the piece.

5. I deliver final original sketches/CADs for your review and changes, according to our timeline.  This is necessary before we have the prototype made.

6. Either revise sketches with changes, or send approved sketches for prototype production.

7. Review prototype with Denise in studio.  Note any changes for revised order as needed and send for updated prototype.

8. Review updated prototype and sign off on final piece production.

9. Receive your final piece in presentation, and deliver final 50% payment at that time.

In a matter of 6 to 12 weeks, you can be holding your own one-of-a-kind DC Cox Exclusive.  Your next step is simply to fill out the DC Cox Exclusives Questionnaire.

Your own brilliant work of art is waiting to be brought to life.

I am excited to design with you! 

First Confirmation Crosses

Denise custom designed these crosses for her godson and his sister for their first confirmation.