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Harmony is the inner journey of finding balanced diversity within ourselves, and then sending this vibration into our human community, creating circles of personal purpose.

Harmony found me after my husband of 25 years passed away 13 months after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Those months were the fastest and the slowest of my life as I continually let myself simply be with him. All I had was the moments. All we have is the moments.

The word came in a conversation with a friend of my heart a month after he passed. Something inside my soul leapt. An awakening in the midst of my grief. It felt like new life and I knew what this spark was. My creativity was flowing… even in my grief.

The balance of my life evolved… from the circle of my beloved Spencer and me, into the circle of our community, then further into the circle of my work in the world.

This is Harmony. We create it. We must conquer our fears and truly grasp our inner personal purpose. Yet our purpose always leads us beyond ourselves– we are all called to open to the unity of our human community and our mother earth. We are connected.

And then comes Harmony. In the circle of our world interweaving all of our vast diversity, is living the dancer’s balance of harmony. The singer’s perfect notes wrapping us in music. The care of each other simply because our very life is interwoven.

Living a life of transparency opens our natural harmony. As we all evolve and bring our blessings forward, wholly accepting one another, diversity leads us into the dance of Harmony.

Dedicated to my Spencer