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Private Label Designs

Are you an organization, 501c3, or entrepreneur looking for a way to enhance your brand and give it high recognition? 

Establishing a brand holds unique challenges:  VVCRR

Value  ◦  Visibility  ◦  Credibility  ◦  Reputation  ◦  Relationship

Which of these is your brand needing the most help with?  

Having your own custom-designed fine jewelry creates conversation about your mission and story. It’s easier and very likely a less expensive investment than you might think.  

With your own DC Cox Private Label fine jewelry piece:

  1. Your brand stands out
  2. Potential clients, customers and investors see high value in your business and product
  3. Your organization or product builds reputation
  4. You establish credibility in unique ways
  5. Long-term relationships are built and supported

Build & Promote

How I used Private Label Designs early on to build and promote causes:

I began designing beaded bracelets to create a space to have conversations about hard-to-talk-about topics like teen suicide or opioid addictions. These bracelets not only spread the word about important topics, they also raised money and created awareness in our communities about topics that needed a voice. I loved this work because I got to use my genius by developing one-of-a-kind designs while creating revenue for companies doing crucial work in our communities.  

As my business grew, I realized that designing a private label piece for a growing company gave a unique added value to their brand recognition as well as the other benefits listed above.  

The jewelry told a story. It created conversations about the brand, the vision, the products, the purpose. These are the most compelling conversations any business or organization can hope to have.  

The designs themselves became a gesture of gratitude for clients, customers, sponsors, and investors supporting the brand. Each fine jewelry piece was a personal recognition of the person and their contribution, while simultaneously building brand recognition and reputation.

Having a unique jewelry line designed exclusively for your brand is a game changer. Your brand stands out with high value, visibility, and reputation.

It’s Easy to Take the Next Steps:

Through my DC Cox Private Label Questionnaire and a series of private design sessions, I walk you smoothly through the steps of developing your unique fine jewelry piece or line, and bringing it into reality.

It is easier than you think.  

Each design is discussed and developed through understanding where you are in your brand development, your purpose personified in the piece, and attention to every detail along the way.  I take into account color, scale, metals and meaning of stones which always results in a uniquely personal design that elevates your brand strategically and with clear purpose.

Get Started


Step 1. Fill out the DC Cox Private Label Design Questionnaire below.  


  • On a scale of 1-5, rate your answers with 1 being weakest and 5 being strongest:
  • Value

  • Visibility

  • Credibility

  • Reputation

  • Relationship

Now we’ve started walking you through becoming more clear about what you want before we meet. 

Step 2. Schedule our First Design Meeting. When we meet, I am already acquainted with you and your organization, as well as where you are in your brand establishment. I will also know better your ideas and vision for a Private Label piece. You will have a clearer picture of the result and effectiveness you want for your organization by utilizing this Private Label piece.

Step 3. I deliver an Order for the piece with an Estimate for your approval, based on the questionnaire and our first design meeting. During this step, we make any adjustments to the Order and Estimate as needed. I will also provide you with a projected timeline (which can change according to changes you make to our original design, or delays in your responses during the process).

Step 4. You submit the final Order Approval to me with 50% deposit for the piece.

Step 5. I deliver final original sketches/CADs for your review and changes, according to our timeline. This is necessary before we have the prototype made.

Step 6. Either revise sketches with changes, or send approved sketches for prototype production.

Step 7. Review prototype with Denise in studio. Note any changes for revised order as needed and send for updated prototype.

Step 8. Review updated prototype and sign off on final piece production.

Step 9. Receive your final piece in presentation, and deliver final 50% payment at that time.

In a matter of 6 to 12 weeks, you can be holding your own one-of-a-kind DC Cox Private Label Design. Your next step is simply to fill out the DC Cox Private Label Questionnaire above.

The value of your brand is about to skyrocket!

I am excited to design with you! 

In the Studio


Private Label Collections