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I first met Denise in 2018 at a women’s health summit. I was immediately taken with how passionate she was for her work and the beauty of her designs. After speaking with her and hearing about her process and what inspires her, I knew that Denise and I would work together in some capacity.

Since then, I launched my nonprofit Evolve Pink, an organization that helps women battling breast cancer transition from treatment to healing. When Denise offered to create a jewelry line for Evolve I was beyond thrilled. I knew she would not only design beautiful pieces, but that she would capture the essence of what Evolve Pink is.

Denise has a passion for her work that is contagious. Her talent and creativity is unmatched. She is a true visionary with a huge heart and bright soul. I feel very lucky to have her collaborate with me on this project and am even more grateful to call her a friend.

The mission of Evolve Pink is to give women the necessary tools to take what is likely the most catastrophic event in their life and transform it into their catalyst for empowerment, self- love and greatness. Evolve Pink is relevant to all women affected by breast cancer and their loved ones no matter where they are on their journey to help them feel whole, beautiful, and healthy in mind, body and spirit. Evolve Pink brings women with breast cancer on a positive pathway to wellness through education, holistic programs, compassionate support services, and by creating a unique and diverse network of survivors, mentors and friends to inspire true ways of living a positive, joyful and empowered life.

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